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Stanley Thomas Associate Pastor
Nineveh was a city in the Old Testament where God sent the reluctant prophet Jonah. Nineveh Outreach is named after this city because we willingly go where no one else wants to go. Volunteers are helping on a weekly basis, the homeless, low-income, and no-income families in our community, providing them with clothing, food and Jesus Christ to those in need.

Nineveh Outreach is every third Saturday of the month from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM in the church parking lot, and also at Veteran's Park on the corner of Buhach and Bellevue. It provides food, clothes, and prayer for the lower income families. Nineveh Outreach is passionate people dedicated to reaching out and rebuilding lives. Proof of everyone in household is required by identification.

Restoring Lives, one person at a time, wherever, whomever, however God directs.

To learn more about Nineveh Outreach, visit their web site here.



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