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We will always be at risk to an occasional natural disaster, which will impact our life in some way. We may lose everything, suffer moderate or slight loss, or may lose nothing. Whatever happens, we will be impacted in some way. And our ability to regain a sense of balance can be made more difficult if we learn the disaster was caused by deliberate human activity.

Frustration can also take its toll as we deal with insurance matters, try to recover important documents, facilitate repairs, deal with our customary medical issues, and more. Added to these stresses are the needs to earn a living and pay bills, and we come to realize that the calm after the storm isn’t really all that calm.

Recovering a sense of balance after the storm can be quite challenging. For example,

  • You may not think the way you did before

  • You may not feel the way you did before

  • You may experience unusual or uncomfortable emotions that may change from day to day

  • You may have difficulty getting along with family, friends, or coworkers. You may not even like yourself

  • You may experience frustration due to the changes you have been forced to accept.

  • You may be confused by unusual feelings three to six months from now.

  • You may see, smell, or hear something that reminds you of your experience, causing emotions to come flooding back.

We’ve got good news for you! It’s okay to feel the way you do. It’s part of the normal recovery process and path of readjustment. It’s alright because that’s you. And it’s alright for others to feel and think the way they do because as individuals, we sometimes respond to the same crisis in a different way.



  • You can wear yourself out with nonstop attention to your recovery efforts – insurance, contractors, etc. Take a break from the stress. Enjoy a hobby, take your family to a movie, or go to the beach, a park, a place you usually enjoy. Doing so gives your mind and body a chance to rehabilitate. It will be physically and mentally refreshing and enable you to think more clearly.

  • Get back to a regular routine as soon as possible. This “normal” part of your life will be an anchor in the midst of the rest of the chaos.
    It is easy to allow the fear of the next unknown tragedy to keep us from enjoying the present. Reassure yourself and others that you are safe.

  • Consider the blessings of what you did not lose.

  • Exercise can help alleviate stress and help the body regain its balance.

  • Exercise controlled emotional response. It will help you feel good about yourself.

  • Make some long-range goals; then select some intermediate ways to accomplish those goals and begin working toward those goals.

  • Enjoy the comfort and reassurance of being with others whether it is at your place of worship, a neighborhood group, a service club, or some other group. There is great support in being part of something bigger than us.

  • Volunteering for a community or neighborhood project can be a good diversion from recovery stress as well as give you a good feeling of contribution. We feel better about ourselves when we give of ourselves.



  • Create a regular daily structure for them to follow. Restore their regular routine as soon as possible. Encourage positive thinking.
  • For younger children, give them paper and crayons to create a picture of how they feel. Then help them talk about it.
  • For older children, talk it out.
  • Correct false information or rumors. Use simple language with a positive tone.
  • Give your children the assurance that they are safe and that you are there for them.
  • Ask them to suggest ways they believe things could be better, and then encourage them to participate in a plan based on their suggestions.

If you believe you or a family member is not recovering well,
seek professional help as soon as possible.




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