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August 2 - Lifetime Investments
You owe a debt of encouragement.
August 1 - Seeing Through God's Eyes
God sees you through eyes of love.
July 31 - Establishing A Legacy
Your priorities will determine your legacy.
July 30 - Finding Satisfaction
True contentment can only be found in God.
July 29 - Finding Approval
Your worth is found in your relationship with Jesus.
July 28 - What A Blessing!
You hold the key to God's blessing.
July 27 - Sent Means Purpose
Everyone is sent with a specific purpose in mind—sharing the message of salvation.
July 26 - Enter the Strife-Free Zone
Stop stirring up your own trouble.

July 25 - The Daily Cosmos Times
Everyone receives a daily message about God
July 24 - The Danger of Victory
What to do with success and victory.

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